Data Destruction and end of life solutions for IT equipment

Veteran owned IT asset disposition solutions

IT Asset Disposition - reuse and recovery - secure chain of custody - secure data destruction

Full service data DESTRUCTION


Data Destruction - Software data erasure

Our certified technicians provide a full service solution for permanently destroying data from commonly used IT devices. Using a variety of deployment options we provide full service data erasure solutions.  

Here is a great overview video that outlines our process with WipeOS

We are currently scheduling free webinars to present the details and go over the solution with you.  Please contact us for more info.  

Reuse focused processing and value recovery


Our reuse focused ITAD services, will help you to distinguish between your valuable and non-valuable IT assets. While performing the sorting and testing process, our IT asset recovery experts will assist in maximizing the value of all retired assets. 

Any equipment that still holds market value will be cataloged for reimbursements, wiped clean of any and all data, reset to factory default settings and then returned to grade A condition for the best possible return in the consumer market. Once refurbished, our expert sales team works within our exceptional network to ensure your equipment is sold to the best end-user or IT hardware broker for maximum return in value.

Free evaluation of IT assets

Contact us now to get a free evaluation of your IT assets.  Find out what your IT equipment is worth. 

Complete Risk mitigation

Our process exceeds all local, federal and international standards and data destruction regulations. We comply with R2 standards for data security, which means that absolutely no data may leave our secure facility without first being overwritten, sanitized or physically destroyed. Vet Tech ITAD also complies with and exceeds the expectations of the NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation as well as the implementation of DoD 5220.22-M standards.

About Us

Veteran of military and industry

With over a decade in the IT asset disposition industry the leadership of Vet Tech has exceptional experience.  All processed and procedures have been vetted by large organizations and have been found to be sound and beneficial. Our solutions cover Computer recycling - Data destruction - IT asset management services



Your dedicated account representative will ensure you are getting the best service every time.  With customized reporting we ensure the details of every project are accurately recorded.  All certifications are compliant with local, national and international guidelines. 



Vet Tech is dedicated to protecting your data. We institute a secure chain of custody from the moment we take control of your equipment, through the transportation of equipment back to our facility, we also offer several levels of security, including data sanitization and/or physical hard drive destruction.  

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